I have written countless stories, focused on renewable energy, consumer news and local business, as well as various spot news and features on community events, protests and trend stories. Here is a taste of my portfolio.

S&P Global Market Intelligence | May 4, 2018

Part of my job is to get exclusive interviews with executives, government officials and other industry players. An executive from a Danish offshore wind developer was speaking at an event in D.C. I was not able to attend the panel, but I reached out to the company and I was able to secure an interview with the executive to get his thoughts on the emerging U.S. offshore wind sector. The story was a hit with our readers since this is content they couldn't get anywhere else.

The Christian Science Monitor | Aug. 10, 2015

I pitched this story to my editor after I saw a classmate post a GoFundMe page about an incoming college freshman who needed additional money to attend. Whenever I had a free moment during my internship, I researched crowdfunding and the current issues with the affordability of higher education. I spent about two weeks researching, interviewing and writing the story in addition to my normal internship duties. 

The Christian Science Monitor | July 7, 2015

My editor needed a new real estate quiz and I came up with this idea of guessing home prices based on facets like location, number of bedrooms and crime rates after watching 'House Hunters' with my mom. Using RedFin, I used Excel to organize home listings across the U.S. and wrote blurbs for the quiz before loading it into our content management system.

The Dallas Morning News | July 22, 2016

This was a follow-up to my breaking business news piece on Dallas-based advertising firm The Richards Group losing one of its most well-known clients: Chick-fil-A. The Richards Group is responsible for creating the “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign and the ubiquitous cows. After writing an article on the initial news, I interviewed the founder of The Richards Group and two advertising experts and wrote the story the next day.

The Dallas Morning News | Aug. 11, 2016

Aggregation became a way to supplement my daily and enterprise reporting and to do stories that would interest many Texans. This story had a lot going on: it impacted Texans, it was located on a historic and famous ranch and it involved a NFL owner and billionaire. I wrote the story, pulling information from a local newspaper, Wichita Falls Times Record News, as well as a column from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This story got 100,000 page views in the first day, and it added hundreds of page views to other DMN stories I put under related links.

The NewsHouse | Feb. 2, 2017

This was a breaking news story that I finished within an hour. The protest was in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, and it followed a local airport protest that happened earlier that week. I also live-tweeted the sit-in as it unfolded.